Intelligent Digital Workplace (Intranet) Solutions

Our Intelligent Digital Workplace (Intranet) Solutions

Markets are evolving quickly, and with the rapid pace of innovation available to improve employee productivity, organizations recognize Beezy and Opptimumthe need to promote new ways of working. Teams now want and need real-time access to data – and to each other, regardless of geography.

“Digital-born” companies are disrupting markets and incumbents across all sectors. Millennials and remote workers are joining organizations with the tools and the mindset of a digital consumer. Teams want and need real-time access to data – and to each other, regardless of geography.

More than just buzz words, many companies have embarked on efforts to truly transform their internal systems and practices to improve the ways in which they interact with their customers, partners, and employees. The end result is an organization that is more quickly able to respond to industry and economic changes, better able to capture the collective knowledge and expertise of their employees and retain and leverage that knowledge to innovate ahead of their competitors.

To help our clients with this rapid pace of change, we offer Intelligent Intranet/Digital Workplace software and solutions that provide a much more personal and relevant end-user experience for teams and employees to discuss and share ideas, and to collaborate.

Enhance Office 365 Intranet with Beezy

Optimum provides Intelligent Digital Workplace solutions, built on the Beezy Platform, to help clients transform and enhance their internal systems and SharePoint/ Office 365 environment and improve the ways in which they interact with their customers, partners, and employees.

Beezy is the intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, extending and improving the feature set of organizations’ SharePoint and Office 365 and offering powerful enterprise collaboration and communication capabilities.

Beezy takes an increasingly complex set of collaboration and communication capabilities and delivers them in one unifying and comprehensive user experience, enabling customers to connect-the-dots between the productivity and collaboration solutions that Microsoft provides – but with additional enterprise collaboration features that business users need.

Combining these pillars together into a single solution, Beezy offers the most powerful enterprise collaboration solution on the market, with an award-winning user experience that organizations love, and which will improve the overall success of any SharePoint deployment.

Moreover, Beezy is highly customizable to meet specific branding and business requirements and offers core components to focus on what really drives user adoption for Office 365: a newsfeed where you can easily follow up on the content, activities, and conversations.

Beezy is used by some of the world’s largest SharePoint environments, such as BASF, US Treasury, Bank of England and ZF Friedrichshafen/ TRW, as well as small and mid-size companies.

Beezy partners with Optimum Intranet Solution

Beezy Value Proposition

  • Beezy provides enterprise-class collaboration and communication capabilities beyond what SharePoint alone can provide
  • Beezy integrates with and extends the full Microsoft productivity suite, including Skype, OneDrive, Yammer, and Outlook
  • Beezy is extensible and highly customizable with a user experience that employees love and supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid
  • Beezy leverages Office Graph and integrates with Delve to improve personal productivity
  • Beezy improves adoption and engagement, enhances knowledge capture and content findability, and is the only Microsoft partner that can match the capabilities of Jive, IBM Connections and the like
  • Beezy also has a built-in framework to embed third-party tools such as Salesforce, SAP, Docusign, etc. and has ready-made connectors with workflow and automation platforms, such as Nintex, to connect different tools in a seamless user experience.

Beezy Product Overview

Process Integration with Beezy and Nintex

Beezy Consulting Services

As a trusted Beezy Partner, Optimum provides many Beezy-related services,  such as solution product installation, branding, configuration/implementation, integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications,  licensing and renewals, and customized Beezy training.  These value-added services help clients modernize and transform their work environment and automate business processes, more quickly and efficiently.

Clients using our consulting services benefit from our extensive industry and technology expertise to help them:

  • Identify and assess the optimization and automation needs or challenges of their company;
  • Design and implement the most relevant Digital Workplace/Intranet and Process Automation solution for their business;
  • Integrate the Beezy Intranet with other company-wide line-of-business systems;
  • and gain real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and drive efficacy and efficiency of their process.

Also, to help our clients most effectively use the Beezy platform, we offer customized, hands-on Beezy Training courses. If a requisite number of students at your location are interested, we also offer on-site training sessions at client premises upon request.

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