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Digital Workplace (Portal) Solutions

More than just buzz words, many companies started to embark on efforts to transform their internal communications and systems to be able to respond to their customers and market demands and better capture the collective knowledge and expertise of their employees. The end result is an organization that is able to quickly respond to industry and economic changes and leverage that knowledge to innovate ahead of its competitors. 


To help our clients with the rapid pace of digital workforce changes, we offer Office 365-based Intranet and Portal solutions that maximize the Office 365 and SharePoint capabilities and provide a personalized and customized user experience for teams and employees to create and share content and to better collaborate.

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Customized and Out-Of-The-Box Intranet Solutions

We provide Intelligent Digital Workplace solutions, built on Office 365 and SharePoint, to help clients transform and enhance their SharePoint/Office 365 environment and improve their internal and external collaboration, communication, knowledge and document management, and process automation. 


Our team of the digital workplace and portal experts assist clients in designing and developing Office 365/SharePoint-based portal solutions (Intranet and Extranet) from scratch, adding custom features and system integrations to make it even more intelligent and fit for our clients’ business needs. 


Also, through a strategic partnership with Beezy, we offer out-of-the-box Intranet solutions, built on Office 365/SharePoint platform.  Beezy is an award-winning, industry-leading intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, extending and improving the feature set of organizations’ SharePoint and Office 365 and offering powerful enterprise collaboration and communication capabilities.

Moreover, Beezy is highly customizable to meet specific branding and business requirements and offers core components to drive higher user adoption and engagement for Office 365.

Digital Workplace Intranet for SharePoint Office 365

Our Digital Workplace Consulting Services

We provide customized Intranet and Extranet design and development services to meet your unique collaboration and communication needs and support your organizational information architecture, content and document governance policies, and knowledge management goals.


Also, as a trusted Beezy Partner, we provide design and implementation services for Beezy’s out-of-the-box Intranet solution, including product installation, branding, configuration/implementation, integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications,  and licensing and renewals.  


Clients using our Intranet consulting services benefit from our extensive industry and technology expertise to help them:

  • Identify and define the information architecture, content strategy, and collaboration/communication needs of their digital workplace

  • Identify and assess the system integrations and process automation needs or challenges of their company

  • Design, implement and roll out the most relevant and fit-for-purpose intelligent Digital Workplace/Portal solution 

  • Integrate the portal (Intranet, Extranet) with other company-wide line-of-business systems and 3rd party applications

  • Gain real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and drive efficiency and adoption for the portal solution

  • Develop robust and customized Governance Plans and digital workplace roadmap

Our Intranet Solution Value Proposition

  • Provides enterprise-class collaboration and communication capabilities beyond what SharePoint alone can provide

  • Integrates with and extends the full Microsoft productivity suite, including Teams, OneDrive, Delve, PowerBI, and Outlook

  • Provides robust Mobile capabilities (native apps) as well as intelligent Bots 

  • Is extensible and highly customizable with modern and engaging user experience and easy-to-use interface that employees love 

  • Improves user adoption and engagement, enhances knowledge capture and content findability (advanced search), and enables robust document and content management

  • Seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and Cloud-based tools as well as workflow automation platforms, such as Microsoft Flow and Nintex, to consolidate and bring tasks and workflow steps into a unified and centralized user interface

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