18 Oct 2018
Intranet Beezy Optimum

Case Study: Aguirre & Fields enhances employee engagement and collaboration through an intelligent Intranet

Business Need/Problem:

Aguirre & Fields, LP engaged Optimum to design and implement a customized and intelligent Digital Workspace (Intranet) that is based on SharePoint/Office 365 and brings modern collaboration, communication, knowledge management, and process automation to the company.  This solution also helps bring together information and tasks from various departments (HR, IT, etc.) and office locations and deliver them in a unified way in their employees’ newsfeed.

Using this new digital workplace (Intranet), information, documents, tasks, and actions are intelligently delivered to users, where they are already collaborating, dramatically accelerating the speed, productivity, and quality of work.


Our Solution & Delivered Results:

To fully meet the client’s business goals and requirements, Optimum selected the Beezy Intelligent Digital Workplace platform to bring modern collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing, and process management capabilities to Aguirre & Fields. Beezy is an intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, extending and improving the feature set for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments.

Utilizing the Beezy platform, Optimum’s Team delivered an enterprise-class Intranet solution to the client that improved user adoption and engagement in Office 365, enhanced the knowledge capture and content findability, and integrated with the full Microsoft productivity suite, including Skype, Delve, Dynamics, Outlook, and more.