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business process automation optimumManaging manual processes, document reviews and approvals, employee-related tasks, and internal and external communication points can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and sometimes overly complicated. All these steps and processes, if left un-managed and done manually, can lead to poor performance and delays and untimely cause higher operational costs and client dissatisfaction.

To help our clients increase operational efficiency and reduce cost, we offer comprehensive Business Process Optimization and Automation Solutions that leverage the right technology, resources, and processes to remove complexity from day to day work and quickly turn time-consuming, manual steps into automated, efficient workflows.

Our Process Optimization & Automation solutions provide simplicity, clarity, cost savings, and efficiency to every department or business function within an organization:

  • Human Resources: Expedite recruiting and onboarding, manage PTO requests and performance reviews, internal surveys, reduce paperwork and administrative costs.
  • Information Technology: Provision user accounts, manage and track IT assets, manage help desk requests, track projects and improve quality control and testing.
  • Marketing: Plan campaigns and events, review and approve content and collateral.
  • Sales: Manage RFP’s and contracts, engage more with customers through managing customers queries and feedback.
  • Finance: Simplify budget requests and expense approvals, invoice processing, improve data accuracy and visibility, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risk.
  • Procurement: Manage purchase orders and service agreements, optimize vendor management.
  • Facilities: Organize work orders and lease agreements, manage move in/move out requests.

Process Automation with Nintex

As organizations move to a data-centric and process-centric approach, forms and workflows naturally become joined at the hip. Paper-based or overly complicated forms are no longer a solution in today’s mobile-first workforce. One of the main challenges for most organizations is having the ability to quickly and easily turn time-consuming, manual steps into automated, efficient workflows, so project teams can focus on more complex tasks at hand.

To help ease those challenges and fulfill the internal and external collaboration needs of our clients, we have partnered with Nintex to provide modern and intelligent Process Automation solutions to our clients that are built on Nintex’s award-wining workflow automation platform.  Leveraging the comprehensive Nintex solution package combined with our in-house technology and process optimization expertise, our clients can automate everyday but critical business processes for their organizations.

Nintex is a comprehensive business-user friendly workflow automation solution that offers the best of both worlds with browser-based, drag-and-drop, no-code technology that integrates with powerful applications such as Office 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP and much more to provide an intelligent workflow automation engine.

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Nintex Product Suite

We leverage Nintex Workflow, Forms, Mobile, Connectors, and Hawkeye Analytics to build and deliver line-of-business process automation solutions that bring efficiency and cost saving across the enterprise. Nintex’s product suite include:

nintex workflow platform

Process Optimization & Automation Consulting

As a certified and trusted Nintex Partner, Optimum provides many Nintex-related services,  such as solution implementation, integration with legacy systems and 3rd party applications,  licensing and renewals, and customized Nintex training.  These value-added services help clients modernize and streamline their business processes, more quickly and efficiently.

Optimum delivers customized Business Process Automation solutions that are powered by the Nintex Workflow platform to streamline and automate our clients’ critical business processes. Clients using our consulting services benefit from our extensive industry and technology expertise to help them:

  • Identify and assess the optimization and automation needs or challenges of their company;
  • Define process optimization best practices and opportunities for improvement;
  • Design and implement the most relevant automation solution for their business;
  • Integrate the Nintex solution with other company-wide line-of-business systems;
  • and gain real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and drive efficacy and efficiency of their process.

Also, to help our clients most effectively use the Nintex product suite, we offer customized, hands-on Training courses to help clients create and manage their own workflows and forms. If a requisite number of students at your location are interested, we also offer on-site training sessions at client premises upon request.

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