Marketing Process and Work Automation Solutions

Our Process and Work Automation For Marketing Teams

We understand some of the biggest challenges of marketing teams are: limited resources, countless internal and client coordination points within and cross projects, managing document review and approval process, and working “efficiently” while staying “creative”.

To help marketing departments and agency clients streamline their work and successfully deliver on their projects , we offer a comprehensive Marketing Process Automation and Project Management solution package that leverages technology, strategy, and process to enhance and automate our client’s most common marketing processes, such as campaign management, and remove complexity from their day to day work.

This solution package provides simplicity, clarity, automation, and efficiency to our clients’ projects via three integrated solution components:

  • Marketing Process Automation using Nintex
  • Marketing Project Management and Task Automation using SmartSheet
  • and our Marketing Project Management Consulting and Staffing expertise

Marketing Process Automation Using Nintex

nintex benefits optimumManaging marketing initiatives from campaign idea to execution requires a lot of coordination. During this process, marketing teams face many challenges, such as campaign assets versioning issues, obtaining multiple client and internal approvals, and managing a dynamic work backlog. All these steps and processes, if left unmanaged, can lead to poor visibility, cause project delays and client dissatisfaction.

To help ease those challenges and solve the campaign management collaboration and process problems, we have partnered with Nintex to use their award-wining digital workflow automation solution for our marketing clients.  Leveraging the comprehensive Nintex solution package combined with our in-house technology and marketing expertise, our clients can:

  • Route marketing materials and documents through automated approval process
  • Manage all documents in a single location, allowing easy document versioning
  • Use Lazy Approval to quickly keep tasks moving from each approver
  • Automate and accelerate the creation of sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, and account summaries
  • Integrate with eSignature providers and set reminders escalations to expedite reviews and approvals

Download Nintex Marketing Process Automation case studies: document-reviews-and-approvals-solution-scenario | nintex grupa-lotos-case-study

Marketing Project Management & Work Automation Using SmartSheet

smartsheet integration optimumWith multiple marketing and advertising channels, concurrent initiatives  and competing project deadlines, and large work backlogs, marketing teams need a work management solution to strategically plan, manage, and report on their projects and tasks.

To address the needs and challenges of marketers, we have partnered with SmartSheet to help clients accelerate delivery of their marketing initiatives and improve collaboration with their internal and client teams.

Leveraging the Cloud-based collaboration and automation power of SmaerSheet, combined with our in-house technology and marketing expertise, our clients can:

  • manage their marketing campaigns, events, product launches, assets, references – and more
  • save time with centralized resources, and increase campaign speed to market
  • share files, links, notes, creative ideas and graphics with agencies and internal teams
  • access sheets and project information and work from anywhere, on any device
  • organize marketing projects, assign ownership, clarify deadlines
  • pre-built templates to collaborate, plan and track projects online and in a familiar, easy to learn spreadsheet format

Marketing Project Management Consulting and Staffing

We help clients locate top marketing talent from marketing assistants to experienced, highly-skilled Marketing Strategies, who can lead your marketing team or just fill-in on a project with immediate and temporary resourcing needs.

Areas of focus:

  • Marketing and Branding Strategies
  • Media Buyers
  • Adwords-certified and Social Media Advertising Experts
  • Email Marketing Strategies and Leads
  • Marketing and Advertising Project Managers
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Copy Editor
  • Graphic Designer

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