21 May 2019
Charter School Process Workflow Automaion Nintex Office 365 Optimum

Case Study: Charter School automates the Summer School selection process

The client’s process for vetting and enrolling students into their educational summer camps was complex, involving time-frames and deadlines, fluid academic- and attendance-related student parameters, and dynamic movement of students from one list to another.

Optimum mapped and engineered the workflows required to automate the vetting and enrollment process, documenting and detailing approval workflows, notifications, and student-related metrics, and data systems of origin.

By utilizing SharePoint Online (in Office 365) and Nintex’s workflow automation platform, Optimum automated the client’s summer camp process by each individual grade and within each of the client’s schools.

This automation greatly reduced email-based collaboration and manual review/approval processes and allowed for the viewing of near-real-time student performance data, list allocation, and camp enrollment status.