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Get More Done, Better! with SmartSheet

Combine SmartSheet’s Collaborative Work Automation capabilities with our Project Management Consulting experience and Technology expertise to maximize your team’s productivity and project success.

Fulfill Your Business Needs and Solve Your Challenges with Smartsheet:

  • Efficient information access. Average knowledge worker spends 15-25% of work time looking for information 1 and 28 hours a week on writing emails, searching for information, and internal collaboration 2
  • Visibility across tasks and projects. 59% of middle managers miss valuable info they can’t find or see on a daily basis 3 and 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment with a team impacts the outcome of a task or project 4
  • Secure, cloud-based collaboration. 48% of enterprises and 50% of midsize organizations are moving to cloud to gain business continuity. Also, security is the top challenge faced in adopting cloud computing 5
  • Right technology. Multiple tools for one task, apps don’t talk to each other, existing project tool is difficult and adoption is slow, no single robust, specialized,universally relevant app.

Multiple tools for one task, apps don’t talk to each other, existing project tool is difficult and adoption is slow, no single robust, specialized,universally relevant app.

Project Management & Work Automation Using SmartSheet

smartsheet integration optimumWith multiple marketing and advertising channels, concurrent initiatives  and competing project deadlines, and large work backlogs, marketing teams need a work management solution to strategically plan, manage, and report on their projects and tasks.

To address the needs and challenges of marketers, we have partnered with SmartSheet to help clients accelerate delivery of their marketing initiatives and improve collaboration with their internal and client teams.

Leveraging the Cloud-based collaboration and automation power of SmaerSheetcombined with our in-house technology and marketing expertise, our clients can:

  • – manage their marketing campaigns, events, product launches, assets and more
  • – save time with centralized resources and increased campaign speed to market
  • – share files, links, notes, creative ideas and graphics with agencies and internal teams
  • – access sheets and project information and work from anywhere, on any device
  • – organize marketing projects, assign ownership, clarify deadlines
  • – pre-built templates to collaborate, plan and track projects online and in a familiar, easy to learn spreadsheet format

Project Management Consulting and Staffing

We help clients locate top Technology, Marketing, and Project Management talent from Technology architects and developers to experienced, highly-skilled business process management consultants, who can lead your team or just fill-in on a project with immediate and temporary resourcing needs.

Areas of focus:

  • Technology, Marketing, Business Strategists
  • Data and Software Architects and Team Leads
  • Application Developers and Quality Assurance Leads
  • Project Managers and Business Analysts
  • Business Process Management & Automation Consultants
  • Marketing Strategists, Coordinators, Managers and Media Buyers
  • Graphic & Creative Designer
  • and more

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