31 Dec 2018

Webinar: Process Automation for Government and the Public Sector

Sorry, this live webinar has ended. You can watch the recorded session using the link on this page.

Webinar: Process Automation for Government and the Public Sector

About The Webinar:

Most government departments and agencies rely on paper forms, outdated systems, and manual processes, which are slow and cumbersome, prone to errors and compliance and regulatory risks.

Federal, state, and local agencies can do more with less when they automate end-to-end processes with Nintex. Using Nintex’s Modern Forms and advanced Workflow logic to automate and digitize forms and processes,  the public sector can reduce processing time and messy paperwork while improving convenience for citizens.

Automating Public Records Requests, Incident Response, Employee Recruitment & Onboarding, Compliance with Regulation Changes, and Document Management & Rapid Data Retrieval, are just a few examples.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to apply Business Process Automation to your organization’s processes to increase efficiency and reduce operational cost
  • An overview of Nintex’s business-user-friendly, no-code interface and platform features, and capabilities
  • Live Demo of the Nintex products

Register to Attend:

Join us for this Live Webinar on Feb. 13th at 12 pm Central Time.